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Family Law

Couples’ Therapy – A Family Lawyer’s Opinion

Kordos Lawyers

We often see our clients when their relationships have broken down and usually it’s beyond repair. When separation occurs, often one person in the relationship has already emotionally left, before it is finally over and the other person is still coming to terms with the separation – this person who has been left behind can find it difficult to move on and to accept that the relationship has ended. They also hope the relationship can be repaired and that the couple will reconcile. But often, it is too late. This makes our role as relationship lawyers challenging when resolving disputes about the couples’ property and children. In our experience, relationship counselling or therapy with a view to the couple reconciling is hardly successful.

Separation Counselling

What has been helpful to separating couples is post separation counselling with a professional counsellor/psychologist trained in relationship breakdowns who will focus on guiding couples on how best to separate. Some of the topics couples will learn about including accepting the separation, boundaries, managing conflict, improving communication, how to help children deal with the separation and dealing with emotions. Parties who separate amicably have a greater success in resolving their disputes more swiftly and appropriately.