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Family Law

Family Violence measures by the State Government

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During this unprecedented time, the Federal Government has announced that there has been an increase of domestic violence and has raised their concern that “family violence incidents spike during and after catastrophic events.” In today’s Kordos Lawyers’ blog, Solicitor Georgia Mort unpacks the measures being implemented to protect families and victims.

In early April, more than 50 women’s and gender equality organisations signed a statement to urge the Federal government to address the increase of family violence concerns. On 17 April 2020, it was announced by Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, that women experiencing family violence will continue to receive supportive services with a two-year funding package for women’s health services.

Gabrielle Williams (Minister for Prevention of Family Violence) announced that $3 million in funding will be divided amongst 12 women’s health services in Victoria over the next two years. Ms Williams stated “Research shows that during times of crisis family violence can increase. It is more important than ever that the health services that support women and families continue to have the resources they need to keep Victorians safe.”

The continuation of funding will assist the services and ensure victims of domestic violence are supported. Ms Williams confirmed that “we’ve already announced a multi-million dollar package to help manage the family violence impacts of coronavirus – this additional funding is about keeping the sector running so they can deliver that all important help.”

There are additional family violence support services, such as Safe Steps which is available 7 days a week via the telephone number 1800 015 188, and the Orange Door Service which continues to operate from 9:00am until 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

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