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International Women’s Day 2019 by Georgia

Kordos Lawyers

The year of 2019 brings an exciting shift around the globe to focus on achieving a gender-balanced community. Today marks a day where we celebrate the achievements of the stoic, audacious and remarkable women who have shaped the path for a brighter future in achieving equality between men and women. The theme of International Women’s Day for 2019 is #BalanceforBetter. It is a time to reflect and endorse this ideology of achieving equality into the future.

In the legal profession, there has been a dramatic improvement in employment and academic opportunities for Australian women. In the Victorian Legal Services Board Media Release on 20 March 2018, Female Lawyers in Victoria outnumbered Male Lawyers for the first time. Board Chairperson Fiona Bennett noted that a decade ago, female lawyers consisted of only 40 per cent. It is evident that a demographic shift has occurred within our society as women between the ages 20-50 dominate the males, while the majority of lawyers aged 51 years and older are men. Ms Bennett noted that “It has been interesting to watch the gradual shift in demographics away from the traditionally male dominated profession to one where we now have a gender balance – if ever so slightly tilted towards women.”

The2018Australian Financial Review’s Law Partnership survey revealed a growth of women being admitted as partners at leading law firms. The survey disclosed that there has been an increase of almost 10 per cent from 2017, where women partners in 2018 make up an average of 42 per cent. Despite this growth however, there is still work required in achieving equality for women as a Barrister or as a Partner of a law firm. The Australian Financial Review noted that men still outnumber the women partners by almost “four to one.”

The theme of 2019 #BalanceforBetter emphasises the importance of equality amongst men and women for a better future. Evidently, women in Australia in the legal profession have made significant developments in achieving equality as we have entered an exciting realm of evolution. The culture at our firm, Berger Kordos Lawyers instils this year’s theme of #Balanceforbetter; we embrace equality and diversity as no voice, no gender, no age, no religion nor race is discerned. Ultimately, optimising the tools and skills each individual carries in order to reach the best possible solution.